Our Story

JR MGT has had it’s door open since 2014. We originally noticed that there could be a better way to work with both prospective talent and brands... and if we could then we would be creating greater opportunity to those who have big dreams of working within the creative industry… so that’s exactly what we did.  

Since opening our doors in 2014, we’ve worked with some of the globe’s most iconic brands and labels to bring to life their creative aspirations. In doing so, we’ve provided thousands of opportunities to talent who mightn’t otherwise had that opportunity. JR MGT isn’t just a regular model, talent, influencer agency, we’re a new breed of agency. One that moves quicker, one that knows what you want and knows how to get you there.  

We truly believe that we are an... "Agency with its finger on the pulse"!

JR Management is ahead of the pack. We have no restrictions on appearance or experience levels. We welcome Talent of all backgrounds resulting in an amazingly open and diverse roster of fantastic Artists, all of whom add to the JR portfolio. This can be seen through the remarkable variety of confirmed jobs we have secured and the incredible Clients and Brands we work with. 

We have just launched a whole NEW sector to JR MGT called the 'JR INFLUENCERS' and we can't wait to see what 2021 has in store for our TikTok, Instagram & YouTube stars!

The JR HQ Team

Rebecca Townsing


Having worked as a professional performer, model & actor in many parts of the industry from a very young age, I’ve always felt that this industry is the only industry in the world that truly lets you be whoever you want to be and accepts you for it. Personally, I believe that as an agency & agents we have the ability to provide extraordinary opportunities for people. We love that we can help make a dream come true whether that’s by getting in front of a camera or walking along a runway; even if just for a fleeting moment.

Since opening my doors in 2014, we’ve provided thousands of talent across Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to work with some global brands which is something we’re extremely proud of.

As of 2019 we expanded to Asia opening a JR MGT Hair Sector. We have big plans to grow our base in Singapore into Modelling, Acting, Performing. Influencers & lots more this year! We’re committed to continue to expand and create even more opportunities in the future.


Rosie Clark


Starting my career over 10 years ago in Fashion PR and then moving into the world of Casting and Bookings, working at companies including Conde Nast, events with The British Fashion Council and as a Booker at London & Paris Fashion Week. Also as an Agent at 2 of the top Children’s modelling and acting agencies in the UK, I moved into Teen and Adult Talent, booking jobs for Fashion, Hair & Beauty brands, numerous TVC’s, West End Theatre, International TV shows and Blockbuster Films.

Since joining JR Management on my arrival in Australia I have incorporated all my previous experience and knowledge into my role as Head Booker. Including being involved in scouting amazing new talent, building relationships with clients, creating casting opportunities in Fashion Weeks, TV Shows, Films and TVC’s across Australia.

Meet Our Team

Jaimye Waters

Influencer Booker

Ashlea Sanders

Admin & Talent Relations

Lawrence Bernt

VIC Photographer / Videographer

Christian Scott

NSW Photographer