Steph Graham

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Steph Graham is a Melbourne/Perth based content creator best known for her comedic skits and relatable life style content. She has a love for all things fashion and audiences are loving her relatable "day in the life of a uni student" video.
She has a bubbly personality which she uses to express her love for fun fashion, comedy and musical theatre.
Stephanie has had a love for performing her entire life and after graduating high school decided to pursue it further. Stephanie is a hard working and very passionate creator who has worked with brands such as Hello Fresh, Door Dash,Oporto, Gem, The volte, The quick flick,The Oodie, Cider clothing, Bondi boost, Alya skin, Hungry jacks, DisneySpotify, Holey moly, Aus open, Laneway, Time zone, Pepper Mayo, Sasha Therese, Garniar, Dibo Bodi, Alro and Olive and many more!

Steph Graham, represented by JR Management