Maxi Shield

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Maxi wears a myriad of hats: performer extraordinaire, pole dancing compare, anti-violence safety ambassador and rugby union mascot, to name but a few. Largely, however, Maxi is known as the good girl of drag. Enormously respected by the gay and lesbian community at large for her generous spirit and sense of community, Maxi isn’t afraid to run a ladder in her stocking or chip an acrylic nail to help out when her community calls on her boundless talents to raise cold hard cash for charity.

She has closed a straight Olympics (Sydney Olympics 2000) and opened a gay one (Gay Games 2002).

Maxi has made her home as a regular hostess for Bobbi’s Pole Studio. Hostessing the last 15 years of Miss Pole Dance Australia and 7 years of Mr Pole dance, she even has a pole moved named after her..”The Maxi”

Maxi’s most recent challenge is to create “Maxi Shield’s Meals on Heels”. Bring two of her favourite things (Drag and Food) to Oxford St and venues around Sydney. With girls daily at the Colombian Hotel and Stonewall Hotel, you don’t have to go far for a glamorous feed and a whirly twirly show. You think Victoria has a Secret, wait till you meet Maxi’s Meals on Heels Girls x

Recently Maxi has just been crowned “Diva Entertainer of the Year 2015/16”. And maybe a career highlight, Maxi has been named Madonna’s national hostess for her Australian Rebel Heart Tour. Hostessing all of Madonna’s VIP parties and also the first ever “Madonna Cruise.. Rebel Fleet” To top the experience off Maxi was chosen to join Madonna on stage to be her last in the world “Unapologetic Bitch” And featuring on Madonna’s internationally released DVD Rebel Heart.

She has performed at Mardi Gras, Sleaze and pretty much anything worth its weight in glitter in between. Whether its on the Aussie shores or International shores, Maxi has been wowing them for over a decade, with a personality as big as her chest, you will know when Maxi is in the room. Sharing the stage with local and international celebrities…..but no one likes a bragger…This lady is top shelf talent. Pour yourselves a double shot!!

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