Brother Boys

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WINNERS - Aimco Awards 2022 Best Family, Parenting & Pet Creator
FINALIST - Aimco Awards 2023 Best Comedy Creator

The Brother Boys, comprised of Kyran and Bill, are a comedy duo known for their heartwarming and hilarious videos on social media. Kyran - Born and raised in the indigenous community, the brothers have a close-knit bond that shines through in their work. Bill was born with Down Syndrome, but this has never stopped him from pursuing his dreams and entertaining others with his infectious humour.

Their social media pages, including their TikTok account (@the_brotherboys) and Instagram (@the_brotherboys), showcase their love for family, their unique bond as brothers, and their talent for making people laugh. The Brother Boys have gained a significant following and have worked with several notable brands and companies, including Smiths, 7-Eleven, Sony Pictures, Netflix, gofundme and Spotify.

In addition to entertaining their fans, The Brother Boys are also active in their community and have used their platform to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and advocate for greater inclusion for people with disabilities & the indigenous community.

Through their comedy and their advocacy, The Brother Boys have become beloved figures in the online community, bringing people together through their infectious humour and their inspiring message of brotherhood and acceptance.

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