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Combining kooky comedy with killer heels (and the occasional egg costume) Ben Blue has successfully built a social media career that has spanned almost ten years. 

With a passion for performance, Ben got an early start in radio hosting and dance progressing to YouTube content creation where he built an audience of over 30k followers. With the rise of short-form content, Ben saw an opportunity to create fast paced, highly sharable videos which saw him quickly rise to over 3.4M followers on TikTok and 60K followers on Instagram. 

Within the creator community, Ben is well-known for his hard work and determination to perfecting his craft. His positive outlook on life and proactive attitude towards work have led to multiple partnerships with major global brands such as TikTok, Sony Music, V Energy, EA Games, Telstra, Warner Bros Entertainment and more. With a broad set of skills and highly diverse range of content, Ben continues to open up countless opportunities within his work and plans to make 2024 his best and brightest year yet.

BenBlue, represented by JR Management