Amena Jay

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Amena Jay is a renowned creator and the well-known resident Queen of Melbourne. With a vibrant and captivating presence, she shares a variety of content that resonates with her audience.

On TikTok (@amena_jay) and Instagram (@amena_jay), Amena showcases her exceptional talent for makeup artistry. Her TikTok videos are a treasure trove of creative looks, where she effortlessly transforms her face into stunning works of art.

Beyond her makeup artistry, Amena provides glimpses into her daily life through "Day in the Life" videos, giving her followers a behind-the-scenes look into her world. She also shares her love for her dog, adding a touch of warmth and personal connection to her content.

With a background as a professionally trained dancer, Amena's creativity and sense of movement shine through in her posts, further enhancing her captivating presence as a creator.

Amena Jay's bio reflects her expertise in makeup artistry, her vibrant personality, and her passion for sharing her unique journey with her audience. Her TikTok and Instagram accounts offer a delightful blend of art, lifestyle, and personal moments that make her a standout creator.

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