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Jampikelets, also known as Ashton, is a comedian and content creator who has gained a significant following on social media. He is particularly well-known for his relatable and hilarious content that often centers around his family home dynamic and everyday situations.

Ashton's Instagram and TikTok pages are filled with funny sketches and videos that showcase his unique brand of humour. He often pokes fun at himself and his family, finding humour in the everyday challenges and joys of family life. His content is loved by many because it feels relatable and authentic.

Aside from his comedic talents, Ashton has also worked with several well-known brands, including Vegemite, Donut King, Opentable, Red Rooster, Telstra, Kayak, and Budgy Smugglers. These partnerships have allowed him to bring his humour to a wider audience while showcasing his creativity and versatility as a content creator.

Overall, Jampikelets is a talented comedian and content creator who has built a loyal following thanks to his relatable content and infectious sense of humour.