Anton Arvanitis

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Anton Arvanitis is a multi-talented social media personality, known for his hilarious comedy sketches and pranks. With a massive following on Instagram and TikTok, Anton has become a prominent figure in the social media world.

Anton is also known for his father-son duo content, where he often collaborates with his dad to create hilarious pranks and heartwarming videos that leave his followers in stitches. His content is relatable and appeals to audiences of all ages.

Apart from his comedy and family videos, Anton is also a travel enthusiast, showcasing his travels to his followers on social media. He has worked with travel companies and has partnered with food companies to create engaging and informative content for his followers.

Anton's rise to fame has been impressive, having worked with Tesla, Prime Drink, and other prominent companies. He has become a recognizable figure in the social media world, and his content continues to entertain and engage his followers.