James Webb

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Meet James 'JWebby' Webb - he likes to eat. A lot. And over the last two years, James has made a living out of creating social media content and travelling the world eating food.

Within three weeks of joining TikTok, James had over 160k followers. Since then, he's become the #1 Competitive Eater in Australia and #5 in the World.

Growing up in Sydney, James always loved his Mumma's cooking. He knew he could eat more than the average Joe, but didn't realise he had a talent for 'chowing down' until he and his wife visited the Khartoum Hotel in NSW. On this day, James ordered the 5kg Burger Challenge, which included a 5kg Hamburger with fries, wedges and onion rings. He finished it in 27mins 37 seconds. The locals couldn't believe it. The challenge had been deemed impossible with 56 others trying and James being the only victor.

Fast forward to 2024, James now travels the world hunting down Food Challenges & Contests whilst making promotional videos for restaurants, venues, events and brands. His aim is to spread positivity and a serious love for good food, one oversized meal at a time.