Eli Crawford

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Epic Crawford is an exceptional creator and a hot drag artist backup dancer hailing from Sydney. With a fusion of Australian and Maori heritage, Epic brings a unique cultural flair to their performances and content.

As a professional dancer, Epic showcases their incredible talent through captivating routines and mesmerizing choreography. Their Instagram account (@crawfordlikecindy) is a treasure trove of creativity, featuring stunning makeup looks that push boundaries and innovative outfits that reflect their artistic vision.

Epic's style as a drag artist backup dancer is characterized by their ability to captivate the stage with their fierce presence and dynamic moves. Their performances exude energy, passion, and a powerful connection with the audience.

With a flair for makeup and an eye for fashion, Epic Crawford continuously pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. Their content showcases not only their exceptional dance skills but also their dedication to creating visually stunning and impactful performances.

As a talented creator, Epic Crawford leaves a lasting impression through their artistry, cultural influences, and vibrant personality. Their Instagram account is a must-follow for anyone seeking a glimpse into the world of a passionate and diverse drag artist and professional dancer.

Eli Crawford, represented by JR Management