Brodie Pawson

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Brodie Pawson is an exceptional creator who specializes in professional Parkour and has made a name for himself as a daredevil in the world of extreme sports. With his remarkable talent and fearless nature, Brodie creates captivating content that showcases his incredible athleticism and dangerous stunts.

Having appeared on the first season of Australia Ninja Warrior, Brodie gained recognition and experienced massive growth in his online presence. He continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences through his TikTok videos (@brodiepawson) and Instagram account (@brodiepawson).

What sets Brodie apart is his collaboration with his twin brother, as they embark on thrilling adventures and travel escapades together. Their shared experiences add an extra layer of excitement to their content and showcase the bond they share.

Brodie's bio reflects his expertise in Parkour, his love for adventure, and his fearless approach to pushing the limits. His TikTok and Instagram accounts offer a thrilling glimpse into his world of adrenaline-fueled stunts and awe-inspiring physical feats.

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